It was bound to happen. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the federal and regional governmental regulations, the OBS 24 will not be taking place this year.
This is very painful for us. The good news are: OBS 24 will be postponed and will be held over the weekend of May 21st through 23rd in 2021 – all purchased tickets remain valid.

The lack of clarity from our state government in North Rhine-Westphalia regarding public gatherings has cost us a lot of sleepless nights. In early March we already started toying with the idea of finding alternative dates – and we eventually settled on early September. Things seemed to be looking up; however, recent developments surrounding the crisis have made it impossible for us to continue with our plans for this year.

It is a very surreal feeling for all of us. We put a lot of time, work, and love into this project. Sadly, we are now mourning the loss of something that did not come to fruition. We were extremely excited because our plans were very close to becoming reality – losing all of that is pretty painful.

On the other hand, we are also feeling a sense of relief. As time went on, we realized that both dates (May and September) would be unrealistic to execute and would feel morally “wrong“. The reason is obvious: We do not take the health and safety of our patrons lightly. The OBS means a lot to you and to us – but if we’re being honest, festivals tend to be chaotic and hedonistic in nature. Making sure that everyone keeps their distance would be impossible. It would certainly put a damper on our festival which usually stands for fun and lightheartedness. And who knows which regulations we’ll have to face in September – or if events will be allowed at all. Or imagine the regulations wouldn’t allow more than 1000 people onto the premises – but we sold 3.500 tix already. It just won’t work.

Hopefully we will experience the special OBS-vibe in May 2021 again.
I was naive to believe that after last years long and nerve-wracking foreclosure sale of our festival grounds and an emergency evacuation during a severe thunderstorm things would be smooth sailing from now on. And then this happened. We can’t imagine a year without OBS. But sometimes life isn’t fair– and during these trying times all we can do is to stay patient.

For those of you who are unfortunately unable or simply don’t want to attend the OBS 24 in 2021, we are currently working on solutions. There will be several ways for you to exchange or return your ticket – all of them will be very simple and transparent for you as our customers. Details will follow soon. Please do not send tickets back on your own accord. We’re kindly asking you to be patient with us – as soon as we have the specifics figured out we will spread them on www.orangeblossomspecial.de, on Facebook and Instagram and in the Glitterhouse Newsletter.

To postpone the OBS has not only taken a toll on us emotionally, but financially as well. We are missing out on a year’s worth of revenue. This includes food and beverage, merchandising, sponsors and especially ticket sales for next year’s OBS. Additionally, costs have already incurred and will continue to do so. We do not want to come across as whiny because we know there are people who have it a lot worse than us. However, it is obvious that the existence of our festival and Glitterhouse Records is now in jeopardy.

We have come up with a few strategies to help us keep our head above water – hopefully we will get through this with your help.

In the next few days we will add new merchandising items to our mailorder website:


You will be able to purchase virtual tickets, and we will have „Retter“ (Rescuer)- and OBS 24 Merch. Furthermore, our OBS crew has started sewing OBS face masks, we will be selling older OBS-merch for drastically discounted prices, silkcreen-printed limited edition Retter tickets by Grace Helly, and so much more. We appreciate your business.

A bit later we will also be launching a crowdfunding campaign with a lot of – at least in our opinion – unique rewards. Plenty of activities and items will be up for sale: a personal porta potty at OBS 24, a two weeks stay in our Glitterhouse mansion, the massive 8ft concrete wayside cross that is located outside our office, personal video messages, a spot in our OBS setup crew, a spot in our crew‘s annual Flunkyball tournament, backstage tours during the OBS, our cherished and well cared for air guitar collection, an exclusive film viewing inside the world’s smallest movie theater, seats on the second story balcony – all of that (and more) could be yours. And it would ensure that the OBS and Glitterhouse Records will still exist for years to come.

We could have chosen a route that would have been easier for us from a financial standpoint: Cancelling instead of postponing. But many of you have already expressed that you will not return your tickets or ask for a refund (in case of a cancellation) in order to support us – and we are extremely thankful for that. OBS has a steady customer base. About 80% are returning patrons, so we want to make it easier for you and eliminate the stress of an additional pre-sale. Furthermore, ticket holders will be benefiting from stable ticket prices – we otherwise would have been forced to increase our ticket prices for the next year. But that also means that we are more reliant on your help and support. You have our sincerest gratitude.

We are also trying to secure all the artists that were on this year’s lineup for next year’s OBS. Even if it doesn’t work out with some artists – the lineup will be amazing regardless. Promise.

Any other details and updates will of course be announced here, on Facebook and Instagram.

We thank you for your understanding and your solidarity! You have no idea how excited we are to welcome you to our backyard next year. You’re the best.

Take care of yourselves, of each other, and always remember: there are people on this earth who are doing a lot worse than us. Duck the virus! And: LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND!

Rembert and the OBS-Crew